October 3–4, 2017
Lotte Hotel Moscow
+7 495 995-80-04

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Strategical conference “What is happening in pharmaceutical market?”

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Pharm menu of the conference 2016:

Macroeconomical prognosis for 2017: investment strategies

LAW&BUSINESS! Regulatory policy in pharm industry

HOT! Current situation and key stages in realization of Pharma-2020’ strategy

Regulation of pharmaceutical market of EEU

OFFICIAL PROGNOSIS OF GMs! Questions of competition, price formation

Headquarters: budgets and plans for 2017. The fact that GMs need to know, starting to plan for 2017? Which are prognosis for 2017? Planning tools

Aperetife 2016:

Love triangle: insurance company, manufacturer and distributor: supplies insurance, post payment, shipping without insurance

Economy of venture investments in pharma

TO THE BARRIER! Why state aid is harmful for Russian manufacturers? Two opinions: danger of state aid or necessity?

Ways of development of home- grown innovative industry

LABOR MARKET of pharmaceutical sales representatives

STARTUPS: shared kitchen with big pharma

Waste not, want not: prices for VED. Does it need to be revised? Is it true that they stop the medicines sales?

Who is with us 2016?

Country managers, CIOs, top-managers of pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retail, heads of associations, representatives of regulatory authorities, professional and business media.


Attention! Do not miss!

Special report! Exclusive interview of editor-in-chief of “Pharmvestnik”, German Inozemtsev with special guests of the conference.

Forecast of International pharmaceutical award “Green Cross. Award Ceremony.


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